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Hire a SkillZDr Instructor to help students lay down a solid foundation of fundamentals! Performing like a pro doesn’t come easy, but learning advanced skills is much easier with a fundamentally sound skill set!
Advanced Skills
SkillZDr Instructors will help you learn how to master technique and perform at your very best. SkillZDr’s professional musicians have been there…done that. Are you ready to learn how?

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What makes SkillZDr unique?

Lessons by Pro Musicians
TO BE the best it helps to learn FROM the best! SkillZDr musicians are “Rock Star” caliber instructors, regardless of musical genre!!!
College and Career Prep
Partner up with one of our professionals, and work out a plan together to set the stage for your musical career.
Service Bundling
All music packages earn discount coupons for either sports coach training and/or academic tutoring!

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be a music star?  Ever wonder how the greats became great?  Have you wondered what it would take for you to do this yourself?  Well look no further because with SkillZDr Music you can satisfy your wonder and LEARN WITH REAL PROS!

SkillZDr Music is a place where you can connect with REAL professional musicians, and get training from an expert that knows what it takes to be great.   From rock stars to vocalists and orchestral performers, our instructors span the gambit of musical genres and have collectively performed for millions.

SkillZDr Instructors can advise and guide you 1 on 1 no matter where you are in your musical journey.  Just starting out?  Then work with a SkillZDr and develop a solid foundation of great habits.  Already have some experience?  Then allow your SkillZDr to show you how to sharpen those skills and get noticed!

There is no magic recipe that guarantees success, but our instructors have seen success and can guide you with the perspective of their own professional experiences.  So at SkillZDr Music we say:  “If you want to BE the best, why not work WITH the best? “  Hire your SkillZDr today!!